Quarrel XBLA Drinking Game

Their prayers, they went unanswered.
Their prayers, they went unanswered.

Now there are certain games that naturally lend themselves to drinking games, Shooters & Driving games for example are the bread an butter of this type of thing. However if you willing to look at them close enough then no genre is impossible to use.

As if to prove that point here is a simple Drinking Game I managed to base on this months word puzzle game Quarrel – Obviously this would be best played early in the night as you still need some of your wits about you.


As this only only multi-player, it will not really matter if this is played against real players or the AI. Simply pass the controller between the players after each word battle and apply the the rules below.

Victorious – If you win the battle, Take a Drink

Unsuccessful – If you lose the battle, Take 2 Drinks

Immovable – If you manage to successfully defend, Take a Drink and another turn

Persuasive – If you take a prisoner, pick a person to take a drink for each troop you get

Grandiloquent – If you manage to get the Anagram in the battle, reverse the direction the controller is travelling.


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