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Seems Shepard has a drinking problem, he keeps missing his mouth
Seems Shepard has a drinking problem, he keeps missing his mouth

For a while now I have been making drinking games based on video games, most of them have already made there way onto this site already and a few of the newer ones will be doing so over the next few weeks. After that I will get back to the task of making more – I have fallen behind a little bit

Anyway to work myself back into the habit and to keep you occupied until the other games arrive here are some simple basic rules that you can apply to various genres to turn them into drinking games.

Party Games

Anything that is mini-game based such as WiiParty, Sonic & Mario at the Olympics, Boom Blocks or Start the Party will work for this.

Who the Daddy – The winner of the round can nominate one of the losers to take a drink

Wrong Number – If the Game involves a board & dice, pick a number on the dice and when someone rolls that they take a drink and pick a new number.

Fighting Games

This is your likes of Street Fighter IV, Mortal Kombat & King of Fighters

Going Down – Lose the match take a drink.

Finish Him – Lose the match where the final move is a ‘Special’ move take an extra drink.

Racing Games

These are your obvious titles such as Burnout, Split/Second, Mario Kart & Gran Turismo

Pole Position – finish a race and take a drink. Bonus: Take a further drink for each place behind 1 place you are (1 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd)

Arms Race – if the game involves weapons pick a weapon at the start of each race – if you are given that weapon by the randomiser you must take a drink before using it

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  1. If anyone has any games that they would really like me to look at as a priority feel free to let me know

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