SSX: Deadly Descents Drinking Game

Gravity? Pah, who needs it!
Gravity? Pah, who needs it!

I do not think there is a single game out there that I have looked forward to more in recent years than SSX. I cant explain what it is about this series but I can lose hours to it, even more than I will pile into an MMO

While this one does not have a local multi-player you don’t think that is going to stop me do you? Now you will need to obviously pick who is going to be the first Player 1, but I’m sure you can think of a way to do that right?


The game starts with Player 1 picking a mountain and laying down the best run that he can, this will be the target. This can be either a Trick it or Race it track.

Once set Player 1 can then select anyone in the room to be Player 2. Player 2’s job is to beat that run down the same mountain. While he is doing that however Player 1 should be lining up a Drink ([Optional]Max of 5) for each of the following events in the game.

TRICKY – When the player activates Tricky mode

Wipe-out – When the player falls and loses their combo

One a wing and a prayer – When the player activates the wing suit

Signed and Sealed – When the player pulls of a signature move

OOOO Shiny!! – When the player collects a geo-tag or snowflake

At the end of the run, whichever Player loses the run is the one that then has to drink all the drinks that are lined up waiting. This allows Player 2 to either screw himself or player one over with his skills or failings.

Then Player 2 becomes Player 1, selects a mountain and the cycle starts again.

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