30 Second Game Review: Sonic 4 Episode 2

Go away you annoying orange git!
Go away you annoying orange git!

Now I am the first to admit when I am about to border into Fanboyism. Sonic is one of those topics that can bring that side out of me, I have played these games since I was a child. However for once I do not feel that is needed

You see Sonic 4 Episode 2 is not good, The level design is mediocre, the gameplay doesn’t really progress from Episode 1 & they went and made some areas of the levels where you have to have tails to help you. Ok, they are few but they should still never ever exist!

It really does feel a lot like the developers phoned this one in. Sure they improved the physics and brought it closer to the Mega Drive era but when the rest of the game feels this mediocre that doesn’t really matter.

In an era where good 2D side-scrolling plat formers are making a resurgence, just look at Rayman Origins or hell even Sonic Generations, putting out something this half arsed just isn’t good enough. Generations has proved that Sonic Team can do better, if they make Episode 3 then I hope to hell they do.

I don’t really want to give up on my favourite gaming mascot!

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