Daily Gaming News: 20th June 2012

Ion Cannon Activated!
Ion Cannon Activated!

So Tueday night I tried recording the video in entire seperate segments and while it did fix the issue with the software not being able to handle it, it did nothing for my flow. I never realised just how much the mere act of stopping and restarting the video record would throw me off.

So in attempt video number three to make this thing flow a little better I have made use of something I never expected I would – YouTube itself!

There has always been this button sat here saying record from webcam, so as I am using a HD webcam I may as well give it a shot. If it works then I have just made my life instantly a lot easier, if not then hey I have only lost a days effort so no biggy.

[Update] That was at least the plan – After finding myself logged into YouTube and doing a test recording it turned out that plan was not so great. YouTube for some reason would not record from my webcam at more than 360p and was juddery as hell.

So scrapping that idea as a failure I went back to recording in segments to splice together later, all was going well there until after finishing all the recording, splicing them back into a single video and hitting the render button my PC decided to throw a hissy fit and start crashing.

As a result last nights recording turning into a complete washout – if I ever work it out and compile the video I will update this post again, but that is not looking likely.

Anyway links to all the stories you would have heard me talk about can be found after the jump

In what is a shock announcement it seems that something I have always suspected should be the case is about to come true, that there will be a link between GamerScore and Microsoft Points. To me the two systems seem like at their initial planning stages they were one and the same.

Anyway that is besides the point, Microsoft’s Rewards team announced today that come the fall there will be rewards granted based on GamerScore – Now admittedly they have not specifically said the reward will be Microsoft point but seeing as most of what they give away in that program is MS Points its a pretty safe assumption.

Seems it finally pays off to be an achievement whore – I wish I were one 😛

You’ll be rewarded for your Achievements this fall -Destructoid

Also announces today is the fact that Facebook will be looking to scrap the Facebook Credits idea that they so piss poorly implemented and forced upon developers. Not that I am negative about this but seriously it was flawed from the very start. They will now be returning to simple cash transactions.

At the same time they will also be pushing out the option for developers to create recurring payment schemes – better known to most gamers as ‘Subscriptions’ – which is an interesting move for Facebook developers as it can changes their entire revenue model

Facebook backing away from Facebook Credits and adding subscription billing | Massively

It seems that our favourite intern has been at it again, this time the site that he has accidentally update was Amazon Germany and the product he leaked was the Wii U. Apparently for a short while the page to purchase this machine was up with both a sale price and a release date.

If this is correct then I’m looking like I will be out of pocket by about £300 on the 21st of December – Price to me sounds plausible but that release date does not – Nintendo are far more intelligent than that. They will have other ways of making it the most desired item for Christmas without waiting till the last second for release

Amazon leaks Wii U price and release date – seems suspicious | IncGamers.com

Finally, its the last beta weekend for The Secret World coming up and if you can find a beta key I really do recommend you take a look – or at least watch my 30 Second Previews of the games features.

Jig’s Up: Secret World’s Last Beta Weekend Open To All | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Oh and the fluff story for tonight is the fact that Diablo III has been completed properly – Hardcore Inferno Diablo has been defeated and it was done prior to the latest patch that nerfed a lot of the bosses.

D3 Player earns world first Hardcore Inferno completion -Destructoid

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