30 Second Game Review: Splice

You may be playing with microbes, but its still lots of fun
You may be playing with microbes, but its still lots of fun

I am a big fan of the Indie developers that are out there at the moment. None of them seem content to just sit back and make clones of games that have come before instead going out and stamping their own personalities on the games they create.

One studio that really has caught my eye though are Cypher Prime. Creators of Auditorium and Fractal, they have just released their latest game Splice.

It has all the hallmarks of a Cypher prime game. The wonderful ambient background music, the relaxingly simple graphical style and the easy to pick up gameplay that draws you in really fast and keeps you there by upping the challenge without you even realising.

Splice has you messing around with microbes, pulling apart the building block and putting them together again in the right way to satisfy that levels goal.

Really this is not a game that can be described in text, like all their games the best thing to do is get stuck in and enjoy it and this one has a demo available on steam right now.


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