Daily Gaming News: 19th June 2012

I want TimeSplitters 4, I want a monkey with a machine gun again!
I want TimeSplitters 4, I want a monkey with a machine gun again!

As I actually enjoyed doing last nights video, despite the fact that the editing was a complete bitch due to premier having an issue with the files, more than I expected to – I think i could find myself doing a lot more of these things.

Obviously I’m only two videos in, but I already have ideas as ways I can improve the videos as well. Titles and Credits would probably be a good start.

Anyway the making of the video is not why you are here, you want to know which news stories have caught my eye today.

All the links for the stories I mention here can be found after the jump

Now I hate to be a bit of a pessimist, but ‘Gain X Fans’ Facebook pages never work. As much as I would love to see a new TimeSplitters the current ‘100,000 for TimeSplitters’ is unlikely to change any minds at Crytek. Now I am not going to suggest anybody doesn’t join the group, as if there is even the slimmest of hopes it should be investigated.

However be aware that the people behind the group are doing all they can to push visibility of the group and while most of the time its reasonable things like interviews on gaming sites, earlier today they did cross a line for me personally. In attempt to raise the profile they asked everyone on the FB page to spam the link to the page at a couple of well known gaming celebrities. There is getting the word out and there is just making an annoyance of yourself, that line is crossed when you do that and it detriments the campaign as a whole.

TimeSplitters 4 gets its own ‘100,000 Strong’ movement -Destructoid

Seems that Windows 8 is getting closer and closer to release and due to the Tablet pedigree of this release, Microsoft have finally announce a direct entrance into the Tablet market place. They will still be working with partners on none Microsoft badged Windows 8 Tablets, but it means they will have two flagship devices to push to the public.

The first that will be running Windows 8 RT is the least interesting to me personally as it will be forced to stay in the Metro UI mode – However the Pro version will be able to switch back to classic mode and will make it effectively a portable PC in tablet form factor, capable of running any normal game.

Surface Tension: MS Tablet Is Relevant To Our Interests | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

In what can only be classified as Kick Ass news for the Linux community, the next major build of Unity v4.0 will include support for outputting Linux ready games. This opens up a lot of the wonderful games being made by the Indie Developers to be recompiled and moved over to your OS. This is on top of Steams planned support that is in the works already.

Unity 4.0 game engine adds Linux support, Mecanim animation, Flash and DirectX 11 (video) — Engadget

Something called the Lingerie Football League exists, which to me is a rather amusing fact in itself, but someone has licensed the rights to make a game based on it. What is depressing is that like Dead or Alive: Beach Volleyball it will probably still sell loads of copies.

Yuke’s acquires rights for Lingerie Football League game -Destructoid

Finally its apparently good news, but i just wanted a reason to say Codblops – Ranked Dedicated servers are apparently a thing for Codblops2

Call of Duty: Black Ops II will support dedicated servers -Destructoid

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