Daily Gaming News: Not quite as daily as planned!

I always have these plans, they never quite seem to work
I always have these plans, they never quite seem to work

Earlier this week I started trying to do a daily gaming news update on YouTube, It took a little bit of effort but the first two videos got done and released.

Day three however things went a little tits up, no matter what I did the video that I recorded for the 20th of June just would not render – so within three days the ‘Daily’ part of it was already screwed. I did however at least make a news-post here on the site.

Thursday I had every intention of getting back to it and recording a short video before recording this weeks podcast – that was all well and good till my lack of sleep caught up with me and I collapsed on the sofa after works and recorded neither video nor podcast.

Friday was out of the questions as well as its the wife’s birthday, which takes precedence due to my aversion to pain.

The plan was catch up on at least the podcast today – but life threw a curve-ball at me that required my full attention elsewhere today and its not quite over yet so that is unlikely to happen today either

Regardless of what happens with the podcast, the YouTube stuff is what this post is about and I have a solution to that but it requires a little bit of assistance from you guys and galls.

Now I do intend to keep doing the YouTube videos but as I can’t be absolutely sure I can do them daily I guess I should rename them.

I really need suggestions for the new name though as all I can think of is either ‘Drinky Talky Thingy Shorts’ or ‘DrunkenGamers pointless pontification’.

If you can think of anything better name for a video series where I ramble about various things please put it in the comments below.

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