A Week In #DailySong’s Podcast (28/3/10)

Even this would have been of more use that the current server situation
Even a box marked 'Server' Would have been better than the situation I have had chasing up the new Thirteen1 Server

Ok I have to start by asking myself a simple question, Why in the hell did I not do these updates as a Podcast from the very start?

This is now the third Week in #DailySong update I have done this way and I’ll admit that I am finding it rather enjoyable.

So here it is – A Week in #DailySong’s No 3


When I worked my way back through the tracks I realised it was quite a matching week, with only a few curve-balls in there.

I will try and be a bit more sporadic this week.

Before I Wrap this post up for the week, there are a couple of sites that I would like to mention first

Firstly http://radioactivestate.com/ This is the Podcast that I mention that is run by Krystalle Voecks (Really am sorry if I pronounced that wrong) and if I’m being honest the main kick to do this in Podcast as I was so impressed by her first episode of that – Seriously go check it out after your done listening.

The second is http://freeplaymusic.com/ I Discovered this site today after deciding that I was going to put some background music in to make my explanation segments sound a little less hollow – all of my backing music came from that site and as it was free I feel they deserve a plug for that.

Anyway that it for this week.

As always opinions, comments & suggestions are more than welcome.

Till Next Week.

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