A Week In #DailySong’s Podcast (21/3/10)

Me out enjoying a classic St Paddy's day - I'm like a magnet for Guinness merchandise

OK after deciding to do my ‘Week in #DailySong’s’ updates as a podcast last week, I am now even more sold on the idea of podcasting than I already was before.

Even though many of the days fell into the class of ‘cant think of a song to round the day up – oh where did that one pop into my head from’ I have enjoyed all the songs this week.

I think because I knew that I would be listening to them all again as I recorded this.

Made only a few minor tweaks to this weeks – the tracks now bleed in and out of my babbling between them & I have slightly increased the volume on my microphone.

So here it is – A Week in #DailySong’s No 2


As you can see another fairly eclectic week for my output but a good one none the less I think.

Like always any comments would be great, as long as they are not very clearly being written by those WP spamming bots – seriously do they really think anyone is going to let them past approval?

However genuine comments about ways to improve this podcast or suggestions for themed weeks will be happily  accepted with open arms

Till Next Week.

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