A Week in #DailySong’s (31/1/10)

Ahh the Snowflake of Winter-een-Mass - A holiday I one day hope to arrange as time off work for

Ok this week is the week of Winter-een-mas, if you haven’t heard of it then check out the January issue of Thirteen1 where I explain it in detail.

But in it’s simplest description it is a celebration of gaming that lasts for an entire week. So this weeks dailysong output has all been themed for gaming.

I have used a few gaming related songs over the months but thought I might have trouble getting one each day, turns out it was more a case of which of the multitude do I pick.

So with that in mind let’s go back over the weeks #DailySong output

Monday: Valley of the Dead – Awaiting The Turmoil (http://song.ly/2ja9w)

This track was one of the ones that comes under the category of surprising gems. This track was used on last years Chronicle of Riddick:Assault on Dark Athena and was an incredible fit to the game.

So much so that it got the track stuck in my head and I had to find out what it was.

Tuesday: ‘SplosionMan – Donuts, Go Nuts! (http://song.ly/2jafp)

‘Splosionman was an XBLA game that I reviewed a few months ago created by Twisted Pixel, who also made The Maw.

A great game, both simple and challenging at the same time – Also huge amounts of fun in multiplayer co-op.

In the game at certain points you need to use a fat scientist as a shield, and when you do this song is played.

Wednesday: Mc Mario – Super Mario Land (http://song.ly/2jamk)

This track is really oldschool. The first time I heard this track I was still a kid, back in 1992.

It was included on one of those compilation albums along with a second gaming based track. Pretty sure it was one of the Now albums.

Anyway this track brings all those memories of my early gaming days flooding back and reminding just how long I have been gaming.

Thursday: Powerglove – Tetris (http://song.ly/2jaqq)

There was no way I could do a gaming themed week of daily songs and not include the tetris theme in here.

There are very few gaming themes that have quite the inpact of tetris – within second everyone recognises where it came from.

The powerglove version is a personal favourite.

Friday: Buckner & Garcia – Pac-Man Fever (http://song.ly/2jawk)

Friday I realised that like tetris I couldn’t do a gaming week without at least a mention of Pac-Man.

Now I knew there were tracks out there, the numerous dance tracks were easy pickings but I wanted something else.

That’s how I stumbled across the track above and the other gaming tracks from the same album.

Saturday: Buckner & Garcia – Froggy’s Lament (http://song.ly/2jb17)

Saturday was when I had one of me regular gaming nights, were myself, the T1 team and various mates all get drunk and enjoy some gaming.

Setting up the various consoles and screens and all the other needed equiptment took most of the day. So by the time I remeber to do a dailysong it was late and I was well on the way to being drunk.

So for speed I simply grabbed a track from the Pac-Man Fever album

Sunday: Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain – I Am Murloc (http://song.ly/2jb4u)

This track was picked at the start of the week, because it was such an obvious choice for me I decided to keep it as a backup.

But this week managed to provide something each day so had this left for Sunday.

The band is made up of various members of the development team at blizzard and having seen them live I have to admit they are pretty damn good.

Thus ends a good week, I do enjoy these themed weeks, I always discover something new. And that’s the weeks #DailySongs explained.

Till Next Week

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