A Week in #DailySong’s (24/1/10)

For what are supposed to be a peaceful bunch their logo sure looks like a weapon

So that’s another weird and busy week out of the way. A week which annoyingly didn’t include as much Star Trek Online as I would have wished.

But there were some other interesting things. Funcom started another one of their Alternative Reality Games for The Secret World. It was strangely addictive watching the community in that forum pick apart what to me was a simple few tweets, and following them to various site and bible passages in order to reach their goal without even really being sure what that goal was.

I also got some work done on another side project that I will announce publicly in the next week or so.

But now its time to go back over the weeks #DailySong output

Monday: Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn (http://song.ly/2j978)

Well this one was a given, at this point I had still not managed to have a good nights sleep. Don’t know what was the cause but it was starting to get annoying.

Tuesday: Jeff Wayne – The Eve of the war (http://song.ly/2j9dm)

I recently bought Bill Bailey’s Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra, which I finally got round to watching on Monday night. Have to recommend it to everyone its really entertaining to watch, but with the warning that if you go in expecting something the same as his usual stand-up you will be disappointed. This is slightly more serious, but the balance between the seriousness of the subject and the lightness of his way of presenting it, is spot on.

This lead to today’s choice, which is from an album I love, because touches on a subject he mentions in the show. This is a great example of the music really emphasising the story.

Wednesday: Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle (http://song.ly/2j9ih)

Today was just one of those tracks that instantly jumped itself into my mind. I was talking to a friend about something and I was also thinking of my dailysong, while this is not a normal link it does make sense. Now my friends name is Joker and without warning the lyrics to that song, ‘clowns to the left of me jokers to the right’ drifted across my mind – choice made.

Thursday: Hadouken! – Crank It Up (http://song.ly/2j9mz)

Today I felt like having a different song to what I normally choose. Now I had heard of these guys before, primarily due to their gaming related name. Have to say while not being a natural choice for me, I actually rather enjoyed this track.

Friday: Grateful Dead – Fire On The Mountain (http://song.ly/2j9r5)

I Simply could not pick a song that fitted Friday, so I simply picked the song that was playing at the time. This turned out to be Fire on the Mountain, a rather good track anyway.

Saturday: Nine Inch Nails – Closer (http://song.ly/2ja5e)

Saturday was a long and busy day, I realised late on that I was in danger of missing my #DailySong for a second time. What was worse it that my mind had blanked, so I quickly made the wife pick one for the day and this is what she picked. She said its because she likes the lyrics, Take from that what you will 🙂

Sunday: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger (http://song.ly/2ja5e)

Today’s was very simple and another one of those that just instantly popped into my head of its own accord. I was working away reading over the faction information for the Rise of the GodSlayer Expansion for Age of Conan. One of the factions has tiger mounts, which lead to yet another instant song choice.

It was a good week for instant selections hope that happens more often, and that’s the weeks #DailySongs explained.

Till Next Week

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