Wish You Were Here: Street Cleaning Simulator

[singlepic id=91 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wish You Were Here is my version of photo-blogging for want of a better description, each month for the last year I have jumped into games that are in beta or newly released and taken a few screenshots. This is to help people get a view on what they are missing out on.

This one was taken back in August when I discovered a game so shockingly bad I just had to screenshot it.

Originally published in Issue #41 of Thirteen1 Magazine

One of the reasons I started the Wish You Were Here was to share images from games you may not have played. Now normally this would mean beta’s or games just released, but this month is a little different.

We have a bit of a thing here at T1 for weird and wonderful games that normal people would just ignore, this month I discovered one such game Street Cleaning Simulator. This game puts you in the heady world of street cleaning, running the company and even driving the cleaning trucks themselves.

Were not making this shit up this game exists, and here are the screenshots to prove it.

[nggallery id=3]

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