The Quest for Ale #7: The End of the World?

The is no catching a break with this Brewery!

This video was supposed to be the one where after many off camera hours of bee husbandry – not only did I have a massive stockpile of bees and honey I finally had the Noble Bee type that provides one of the other elements the Short Mead needs – HoneyDew

So I went ahead and built the fermenter I needed, tried to give it a test run and *POOF* Server dies, World file corrupted – turns out there is a bug in the fermenter when making the only thing i want to make – Short Mead

To double check it i tried it again in a creative world and like an idiot which do I try it in but my backup of the Brewery

So not only did I manage to corrupt my main save, but also my backup of it as well

Time to start again perhaps?

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