Talking Point: What was the most impressive thing from CES 2014?

It is that time of the week again, when in to get warmed up ready for the podcast we ramble about a chosen topic. Before we got onto this weeks topic we did however have to handle the comments of the Listeners/Viewers of the previous show – Which Games should we Play Drunk?

All of the comments can be found at the links below.

You gave us a decent selection of games in there, we should be able to get most of them done.

This lead us on to picking a new topic and as it was going on this weekend naturally CES was fresh on her mind so we talked about  What was the most impressive thing from CES 2014?

There are were actually quite a few gaming related topics amongst the wearable tech and curved TV’s, from PlayStation Now to Project Christine and even news on the Steam Machines. While we went on about it I am not sure we picked favourites, but what did you think was the biggest and best bit of news from CES this year? – Razer Announces Easy-To-Upgrade Project Christine – SteelSeries Stratus iOS controller – Valve Steam Machine roundup — prices, images, and full specs revealed – Sony’s streaming game service is PlayStation Now

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite and suggest a possible question for the next Talking Point, please do as I seem bad at picking them myself. Everything is fair game, from politics to movies, music to games, hell we will even discuss our favourite womble if you so wish it..

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