Sonic Colours Drinking Game

Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger. Vincent.......Holy Crap! Look at that one

Well last week I republished my Sonic 4 drinking game, but as before if you’re a reader of Thirteen1 you will know that isn’t the only Sonic based drinking game I have made.

I know, I know, I’m a fanboy but these are the two best Sonic games of recent years, so both deserve their own drinking game as well.


In this game, the player does their best at playing the game as it is everyone else in the room that has to drink while they are playing. When the player gets to the end of a stage or loses a life, the control is passed to the next player.

Rainbow – Activating a Colour, 1 Drink

Double Rainbow – Collecting/Refreshing a Colour while one is active, 2 Drinks

All The Way – Get to the end of a stage without losing any rings, Finish your Pints

Pot of Gold – Collect 100 Rings, 2 Drinks

Fools Gold – Lose Rings, 1 Drink

The following rules however apply to the player.

Sure you’re not Tails? – Die, 2 Drinks

Bottom of the class – Get a score less than a C for the stage, Finish your Pint

Now because of the way the levels are laid out, this game is classified as Heavy. You will trigger several of these per level (Unless you really are Tails)

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