Review: Resident Evil 6

It may cause zombification, but I still want it!
It may cause zombification, but I still want it!

Resident Evil may have started as the Daddy of the Survival Horror Genre but in recent years it seems to have lost its way somewhat.

This year they brought out the latest version Resident Evil 6 and ever willing to give it another chance to prove itself, Alec picked it up and gave it a go. Despite stupidly damaging the disk at one of My gaming nights, He has now played enough of the game to say whether they have succeeded or failed at returning the game to its prime.

He put his thoughts into a video for you guys to enjoy, please give it a watch and let him know what you think.

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  1. Where the game falters in terms of story, mechanically, and just plain fun, Resident Evil 6 should be singled out at an exceptionally good-looking game, particularly in the fictional Chinese city!

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