Movember 2012 has officially begun

This is the only time of year you are likely to see Paddy's chin, yes he does actually have one.
This is the only time of year you are likely to see Paddy’s chin, yes he does actually have one.

Every year something very strange happens, despite spending the rest of the year fully bearded each November I go clean shaven.

Well clean shaven for about a day, then the moustache starts to appear which is the whole point. You see I take part in a little thing called Movember where millions of men grow moustaches in order to raise awareness of and money for men’s health issues.

How can a moustache do that? Well what is the first thing your going to do when someone you know suddenly starts sporting a ‘stache that normally doesn’t? You ask them about it, giving them a chance to spread the word. This is also what I am doing now.

Last year I managed to talk some of my coworkers into joining the fold. We became Team Moustacha and raised over £150 for charity between us which was good going really. This year however we plan to do even better.

With a bigger team and more of a push Team Moustacha 2012 is ready to roll. If you want to come and join us our team page can be found at or if you simply want to donate so we can beat last years total you can do so here

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