Movember Daily Video: 12th Nov

So todays video i wanted to do a bit of an update on my plans for upcoming MineCraft Series which I will record the first video for tomorrow.

Because having a goal always helps move things along in minecraft I had a bit of a poke around the mods that I had installed to look for one and guess what I found?


Industrial Craft has several types of Booze and Forestry has Short Mead as a byproduct of BeeKeeping – This sent me on the hunt for other mods that added booze and I found a few, but only two that looked like fun

The First was GrowthCraft that has a whole series of different brewables, but unfortunately its 1.6.x update is not ready yet, However the moment it is it will be included for its Cider.

The Second is rbdyck’s Booze mod, that adds all kinds of things like Vodka & Whiskey and will probably be core to this series for a while

See you tomorrow

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