Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #1

Yes this is me taking advantage of doing a daily video to force myself to stop being lazy and get back into Minecraft.

For this second Series I needed a goal, I mean last time I built a house. While Poking around the Mods for some kind of target I found Forestry’s Short Mead. Shortly after that I found the IndustrialCraft Empty Booze Barrel – And with that discovered a plan was set in motion.

I quickly struck out to find any an all Booze related Mods that were 1.6.4 compatible, with one solid goal in mind – The DrunkenGamer’s Brewery!

My aim now is to have a fully automated brewery that makes all of the various beers and wines that can be made with the set of mods that I have installed (plus one that will be installed when its updated to 1.6.x is complete)

However this first video starts with less lofty goals, setting up a sorting system for all the crap left over from my previous world – Suffice to say it turned out to be quite dull and if you want to skip this video I would not blame you.

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