Mario Kart Drinking Game

I may be losing but at least im not about to get screwed over
I may be losing but at least im not about to get screwed over

Ok, So I have looked over the few drinking games that I have posted so far have all been fairly heavy games. For this reason I have pulled out a much simpler one for my first of the new year.

To be fair this game is an Old-School one, Most gamers will probably already have their own version of this – but it never hurts to share with those few that don’t have one.

It works perfectly fine with pretty much any version of Mario Kart, however Wii & Double Dash are recommended versions due to 4 player ability.


Pole Position – This rule is the basic rule, when a race finishes you take a drink for where you places among your friends, 1 for first, 2 for second etc.

Gone Fishin’ – If you have to be carried back onto the track by the guy in the cloud, Take a Drink

Keep on Flying – This is a rule that you wont see enforced very often, A drink for everyone else if you dodge a BLUE shell (trust me its possible), Double up if it was thrown by a real player.

That’s all there is too it, told you it was a simple one. It’s also a Moderate drinking level for a change so enjoy.

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