A New Year

Suppose I should start this blog post with the obligatory salutation – Hope you all had a great Xmas and new year.

Personally Xmas was fine until a couple of days ago. It was at that point that my immune system decided that it needed a break and left me open to the flu bug I had been successfully avoiding until then. Not that I let that stop me enjoying the new year. Having long since given up on combatting the crowds at the clubs at new year, the wife and I normally just have a few drinks and watch films.

This year it seems that Gow had exactly the same plan, so we joined him and a few other friends and had a few drinks while playing some games. Being Gow he had decided to set up his shot roulette wheel. Being me, a few shots in I promptly forgot having spend the day chugging flu medications.

With that mistake I was granted my last lesson of 2010. Lemsip + Beer & Shots = a bitch of a hangover while you
are already ill.  So anyway that leads us to today, a new year.

As is traditional I have made a couple of resolutions, they were however things I was planning to do anyway.

1 – Lose some weight

Now I’m not vastly overweight, but over the last few years the Guinness’s have started to catch up with me. I have begun to develop somewhat of a beer gut. I’m not cut out for the gym. I’ve tried in the past and all it’s done is cost money, besides I’m only looking to lose a few pounds.

Instead I’m making use of the Wii Fit I bought for my wife last year. I will do 30 minutes a day until the gut starts to fade away.

2 – Podcast more regularly

Since Gow left Thirteen1 for his new job, the schedule on the Drinky Talky Thing has been somewhat erratic. All three of us have got incredibly busy and finding the time to sit down and record one. We have however over Xmas we have worked something out and the podcast should be more regular in the upcoming months.

So watch this space for that.

3 – Make more regular updates here

Yes I know I said this last year but I really do intend to be more regular with my updates here. To help with that I have a whole pile of my Thirteen1 content that will steadily be moved over here, starting with the drinking games but also some of my old reviews hands on stuff.

On top of that I aim to do at least 3 updates a week, even if they are only short opinion pieces on some random gaming news story or bitch about some stuff that has bothered me during the day.

To that end the WordPress App is now back on my phone, so I can use that to take advantage of any downtime – leaving a simple matter of editing

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    • Still need to pin you down bud – your as slippery as a greased up eel fresh of the boat at grimsby. I did say ‘All three of us have got incredibly busy’ you were included if not in name

      Also what you think of the new layout?

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