LA Noire Drinking Game

Cheer up bud, Perhaps the sequel will be a more entertaining game.

By special request of friend and Thirteen1 music expert Alec-Ross Bower, I have taken a look at LA Noire to create a drinking game. Now I have only the first few hours of this game and I would normally give it longer but I think there are enough repeated actions already to make this work. Personally I could not play the game sober as it bored the crap out of me, but it actually made it playable.

Now this is one of my few solo drinking games but it can also very simply be turned into a group drinking game by handing the controller to the right between cases and having everyone else in the room do the drinking instead of the player.

Now for anyone that has not read one of these drinking games before, here is an important little fact. When I refer to ‘A Drink’ I am talking about a quick gulp of whatever beer takes your fancy. Personally that is Guinness, but you know what you can handle and I will leave it to your common sense beyond that.


My Hats off to you: Whenever Cole manages to lose his hat Take a Drink if its shot off his head Take 2 Drinks

I’ll have a chaser with mine: Whenever the game suddenly throws Cole into a foot chase Take a Drink

Once a Beat cop, Always a Beat cop: Whenever a street crime comes in over the radio, Take 2 Drinks if you ignore it, Take 1 Drink if you handle it.

Someone has to pay for the damages: At the end of each case, Take 1 Drink for every $1000 of damage & injuries

Drink to forget: Whenever Cole has a flashback to his time in the army Take a Drink

Wasting police time: Whenever you pick up and inspect something on a crime scene that has nothing to do with the case Take a Drink

Nothing worse than self-doubt: During an interrogation if you having to back out of accusing the suspect of a lie Take a Drink

After playing this a few times, I can indeed confirm this is a Very Heavy drinking game

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