Ding! DrunkenGamer Gains a level!

Well, I know some of you already know this but yesterday was my birthday. I would first like to thank all the people who sent me birthday wishes, they were very much appreciated.

This one makes me 28, however for most of the day I believed it was 29. Thank god the wife is still counting because I really do keep forgetting.

The thing is even though I’m making this post the actual event itself does not interest me as much anymore. I am fine with people who love to celebrate their birthday and would never do anything to put a damper on that, but I’m just not one of them.

I will happily celebrate other things, my wedding anniversary for one and I’m sure that once I have kid’s I’ll celebrate their birthdays properly, Hell I’ll even make an effort for X-Mas to a degree. However celebrating my birthday just seems pretty pointless, the only thing it actually could be is a reason to get drunk, but even then I don’t really need excuses for a drink anymore.

For me it’s just that I think to myself, ‘Why should I celebrate something that required no effort at all?’. All I have managed to do is not die, that’s not an achievement. It falls into the same class as New Year, events that are going to happen without any extra level of effort or skill on your part.

Getting married and managing to keep it intact is an achievement worth celebrating, raising a kid is an achievement worth celebrating – Hell even listening to Noddy Bloody Holder scream ‘IT’S CHRISTMAS’ at you for 2 months and without killing someone is worth celebrating. They all need a hell of a lot of effort.

So instead of going out an celebrating, I honoured the day with the same lack of effort the year itself required and took the day off work. To kill some time I finally picked up a copy of Dead Space 2, which while I’ve only played a few hours of is even more epic than the first game.

Just thought I would share my opinion on the concept, as I really couldn’t think of anything more topical to write today.

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