Battlefield Bad Company 2 Drinking Game

Oh did you not want me to leave that faulty microwave next to the petrol dump?

Ahh the Bad Company series, yet another one of those games that lends itself to drinking games oh so naturally. However for those of you that have not already thought up your own for the latest in the series, I am here to help.

This was first written a while ago and pre-Vietnam. I have since retested this game and found it to be quite lethal with more than two sets – mainly because it gets pretty damn hard to keep up


Using the Pins that are awarded during multiplayer matches as the basis for this game, it couldn’t get much simpler. Select two or more of the ‘pin sets’ listed below, when you get a pin that is in one of your selected set, you drink.

Using all the pin sets at once is probably a bad idea – but hey I’m not the one that has to clean up afterwards so it’s up to you

Light Weapon Set 

  • Assault Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Submachine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Light Machine Gun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Sniper Rifle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Handgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Shotgun Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Heavy Weapon Set

  • Grenade Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Rocket Launcher Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Explosive Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Emplacement Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Anti Vehicle Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink

Full Metal Set

  • Wheels of Hazard Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Tank Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Car Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Naval Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
  • Air Warfare Pin: 1 Drink
Killing Machine Set  

  • Melee Efficiency Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Kill Assist Pin: 1 Drink
  • Savior Pin: 1 Drink
  • Nemesis Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Combat Efficiency Pin: 1 Drink
  • Combat Excellence Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Marksman Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 5 headshots.
  • Avenger Pin: 1 Drink: In a round, do 2 avenger kills
  • Pay Back Pin: 1 Drink: In a Round, kill your nemesis.

Team Player Set

  • Resupply Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Maintenance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Medical Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • Surveillance Ops Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • M-COM Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Defender Pin: 1 Drink
  • Flag Attacker Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Member Pin: 2 Drinks

Victory Set

  • Ace Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Gold Squad Pin: 2 Drinks
  • Squad Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Squad Deathmatch Winner: 1 Drink
  • Rush Winner Pin: 1 Drink
  • Conquest Winner Pin: 2 Drinks

So as I have already said this is a nasty little game, so I would classify this as Extremely Heavy to Lethal so play this one with caution

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