A Week In #DailySong’s (21/2/10)

As if the sisters were not creepy enough already, someone over at 2k had to go and release this concept art
As if the sisters were not creepy enough already, someone had to go and release this concept art

Another week has rolled around – seriously where the fuck does all the time keep vanishing too? I am becoming more ready to accept the theory that there is a demonic chipmunk running around physically stealing chunks of my time.

Other than apparently having some form of mild psychotic break, the rest of the week was actually quite a dull one. Nothing overly interesting, just a standard week.

About the only thing that was out of the norm at all was that we managed to break yet another coffee machine.

Even this is not that out ordinary for us, you see on average a coffee machine in our office lasts around 4-6 months at most before something happens to it.

This is hardly surprising though as none of the 11 coffee machines we have had in the office have cost more that £10 (with one exception that was rather posh but also managed a while 18 months before suffering its final fate)

However lets leave our offices unnatural coffee machine slaughter and get on with this weeks DailySong’s

Monday: Dragonlord – Rapture (http://song.ly/2jdbt)

Sunday I spent most of the day playing BioShock 2 and actually surprised myself by spending a fair amount of that time in the multi-player. Now I’m not normally a fan of online shooters, I just don’t seem to have the twitch reflex that is required to be good at them.

However the addition of plasmids seemed to draw me in. There is something really enjoyable about freezing a guy to the spot and then clubbing him to bits with the frying pan of a demented housewife.

Luckily this time when searched for Rapture on song.ly I managed to find this track that seemed to fit my mood.

Tuesday: Fun Lovin’ Criminals – Scooby Snacks (http://song.ly/2jdjs)

I have been doing my #Dailysong for some time now. In the early days of doing it something that happened regularly was that I would here a track and I would know that it just had to be the days song.

This hasn’t happened for a while but it did today. I don’t remember adding this track too my spotify playlist but somehow it was there and the moment I heard that opening riff the choice was made.

Wednesday: Plants vs Zombies – Zombie on your lawn (http://bit.ly/9HNZ1x)

Now as one of my smaller bits of coverage for the march issue, I have been checking out the iPhone version of Plants vs Zombies.

This made me think back to just before the games original launch, as part of the marketing campaign the guys at popcap released a short music video – I enjoyed that song then and still enjoy it now, but couldn’t find it on song.ly so had to go to youtube

Thursday: The Donnas – Hyperactive (http://song.ly/2jdvo)

Thursday was the day the coffee machine broke. This time it was just a cracked pot, when that happens it is possible to keep using the thing for a little while as long as you only brew up as much as is needed and pour it the moment it is done.

However what this seemed to have resulted in was my drinking twice as much coffee as I normally would in a day.  Now I’ve been drinking coffee for some time and would happily admit to being technically addicted to the caffeine and would even say I’ve built up a tolerance.

But today I left the office and was literally bouncing around, which looked a little odd to the people who saw me bouncing around in the supermarket – once I got back home I had to pick a song that fitted the overcharged state I was in.

Friday: The Beatles – Yellow Submarine (http://song.ly/2je6t)

Ok I’m not going to lie, I missed Fridays DailySong – I went out for the Friday beer expecting it to only be a couple and the next thing I knew it was already 1am Saturday morning & we were in Masters bar singing on the karaoke.

So I had to pick one rapidly and there was only one song stuck in my head, Beatles – Yellow Submarine – the reason it is stuck there is we had just managed to unite the bar by singing that in the karaoke. We could hear them all singing behind us.

Saturday: Chumbawamba – Tubthumping (http://song.ly/2je6p)

This was another song from the karaoke night, this was sung before the Beatles track but I had to come back and look at again on Saturday for one reason  – this was filmed.

If you head over to 12Seconds (http://tiny12.tv/66TB7) you will see a short clip of myself, TurkeySaladBoy & some random guy singing away.

Who the random guy is remains a mystery. We had never seen him before, he just appeared sang the song with us and then vanished again.

Sunday: Reel Big Fish – Take On Me (http://song.ly/2jeaf)

Nice simple one for Sunday, I really couldn’t think of a song so just got on with the day. One of my tasks for the day was to clean out the little fish tank, it was due a complete strip down.

When I finished doing that I had fish on the brain which lead to me thinking of Reel Big Fish, so just had to have the first song of theirs I could find. This is what was found 🙂

That’s it, another weeks worth of dailysongs explained – hopefully next week I wont miss any

Till Next Week

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