A Week In #DailySong’s (14/2/10)

Bayonetta does not look too happy to be sharing the cover with the Girl for the Evony Adverts

Well this week was a busy one, but then the week before the launch of a new issue of Thirteen1 always is. From making the needed changes to the website, to setting up the monthly mailout – it always seems like a case of so much to do and so little time.

To make things a little more hectic several of the articles were extremely late. There was reasons for all of the delays but it doesn’t make the job any easier.

Despite the how manic things were I still managed to keep the #DailySongs rolling in, and almost stumbled into a themed week without realising. The first three days of the week I ended up ‘borrowing’ other peoples song suggestions, and is something I might do another time properly.

Well without further babbling, lets get to the details about the weeks #DailySongs shall we.

Monday: The Toy Dolls – Nelly The Elephan (http://song.ly/2jccf)

Monday was one of those days where every time I tried to thing of a #DailySong I would just come up against a brick wall of nothingness. Not even the songs that were playing during the day seemed to fit the bill.

Thankfully last week, in reply to one of my #DailySongs the guys from @SPOnGdotCom’s suggested Toy Dolls – Nelly The Elephant. So with nothing else coming to mind I decided to use that track.

Its a bit of a weird track but strangely enjoyable

Tuesday: Kriss Kross – Jump (http://song.ly/2jcje)

Now normally when I draw a blank on a #DailySong, the following day I seem to overflow with possible tracks. This however didn’t happen, once again I was running up against blankness.

So as the borrowing plan worked on Monday I had a quick look around the people I know to see if any of them had mentioned a good track.When I finally got to Facebook I found my track fairly rapidly. An old school friend called Martin, that I haven’t seen in many years, had put up Kriss Kross – Jump in his status updates.

I forgot how good that track actually was 🙂

Wednesday: Muse – Knights Of Cydonia (http://song.ly/2jckn)

By Wednesday I felt like this borrowing thing was becoming a theme. So I actively searched for a suggestion and found one that was made by fellow Thirteen1 team member Craig aka TurkeySaladBoy.

As I’m a massive fan of Muse anyway – this was a shoe-in for #DailySong

Thursday: Taxicab Samurais – Last Minute (http://song.ly/2jcvu)

Now as I got got myself all set on the theme by this point of the week I held back on doing my #DailySong to give a suggestion time to pop up.

Then I got busy.

At 11:30pm I suddenly realised that I had managed to let it completely slip my mind, so for speed I just pumped in the words Last Minute and this is what Song.ly gave me in return.

Friday: Nickelback – Rockstar (http://song.ly/9aLd7h)

Friday was an exteremly busy day for me, but after a week of late nights getting stuff for the magazine finished I was quite frankly flagging. To remedy this I spent the day keeping my self hyped up on coffee & energy drinks.

My personal energy drink of choice is Rockstar Juiced, I cant stand the taste of red bull – it just tastes too chemical for my liking.

However I picked my #DailySong as I was grabbing a fresh can of the stuff, it just seemed a natural choice

Saturday: Reel Big Fish – Beer (http://song.ly/2jd37)

Saturday was launch day for the Feb issue of Thirteen1 so my natural reaction is after I know everything is fine, is to crack open a beer and chill out.

This time Myself and Gow decided to go to the bar round the corner from our flats (he recently moved into the same general area) and later in the evening TurkeySaladBoy joined us for a few.

A great night was had by all with plenty of entertainment such as  Gow randomly handing out old business cards of one of the old members of the T1 team to similarly drunk crowd, or TurkeySaladBoy’s need to have someone swipe one of the Frulli pint glasses from the bar.

Anyway about half way through the night I realised I again hadn’t done a #dailysong so quickly threw up a version of this song – which I found out later was a live version.

Sunday: Green Day – Welcome to Paradise (http://song.ly/2jd6n)

Today’s had very little thought behind it at all, I wanted to do a #Dailysong before I got lost in BioShock 2 – so to start with I tried to find a song called Rapture that sounded right but everything song.ly came up with just didn’t seem to fit.

So I thought about it for a little while and then had a brainwave – The premiss of the story is that Rapture was created to be a paradise however it turned into a living hell – the moment that thought popped into my head so did this song – and with hat the job was done and I could game happy 🙂

Well that about wraps it up for another week. Bit of a mixed bag of weirdness, something for everyone at least 🙂

Till Next Week

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