30 Second Mists of Pandaria Preview: Pandaria

Even with a map I still got lost twice exploring it
Even with a map I still got lost twice exploring it

Well we have come to the end of this Mists of Pandaria  special week so it would only be natural to make mention of the continent of Pandaria itself.

This is where players will be spending much of their time in the expansion and while some areas of it are still unavailable in the beta, I have had a good old explore of the zones that can be reached and they are brilliant.

Blizzard are very much proving the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ true as each expansion they get better at building the new zones. Unfortunately none of the video footage I managed to get while doing so managed to sum up the area properly, So I found some screen-shots that did.

I even left my ugly mug off the screen this time so you can fully enjoy them.



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