30 Second Mists of Pandaria Preview: And Everything Else!

What the hell, this island is a giant Turtle
What the hell, this island is a giant Turtle

Well after a whole week of doing Pandaria videos, its time to call an end to it and move back onto to normal programming.

However before I do I want to do a quick once over of all the extra little features that I did not have the time to feature in separate videos of their own.

Things like area of effect looting, Challenge Mode dungeons & Scenario modes, Improved Tooltips. One personal favourite is the improved character creator – this is a much better way to select the various elements of your character design.

Some I will come back to and look at again as the beta progresses – Scenario Modes are one such element as that is only missing as it is not yet in the beta

However that is all for Pandaria for now.

What do you think about this special focus on a single game? Should I do more of these?


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