30 Second Game Review: Samurai vs Zombies Defense

Just once would it hurt for the dead to stay that way?
Just once would it hurt for the dead to stay that way?

Samurai vs Zombies Defense is a very simple yet very addictive Tower defence game on the iOS and Android. You take the place of a Samurai defending his village from wave after wave of Zombie.

As you go up the levels you are helped in your task by Farmers, Archers & other Samurai’s that you are able to call in with the points earnt from killing the zombies.

Now while I really did enjoy this game and very much recommend you grab a copy asap, 30 Seconds was not enough to sum it up.

So instead I am going to point you in the direction of fellow YouTuber VGJFelix, who was the one that recommended the game to me in the first place and his far superior review of the game Asus Transformer Prime: Great Android App # 23.5 Samurai’s Vs Zombies (Extended Look) on the Asus Transformer.

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