World of Warcraft Drinking Games

Kicking Ass while carrying a full keg of beer - exactly how I imagine myself if I were a panda!

So regular readers of my drinking games will have noticed in all the time I have published them, one game has been conspicuously missing considering how much I play of it. Its time to rectify that with my World of Warcraft Drinking Games.

Yes that is right – Two drinking games for the same game for a change.

The reason for this is that there are really two types of players to WoW – PvE & PvP – and I wanted to make sure I had both covered. These are both meant to be generic enough that you can use them anywhere in the game so nothing too specific has been used, but feel free to add your own rules to fit the raid.

As always with my drinking games, when I refer to a ‘Drink’ I personally have a solid gulp of beer so that I can enjoy my gaming for longer, but you all know your own drinking limits so it’s up to you what you choose to drink.

Raiding / Dungeons

Now I know your supposed to be paying attention during raids & dungeon runs, but there are occasions when the guild need to relax. This Game is for those moments. Make sure that the raid / group knows what is going on.


Too Soon Executus – When you defeat a Boss, The Whole Raid has 1 Drink

VendorStrike – When you loot a Grey Item, You take 1 Drink

Spirited – When you die, You take 1 Drink. (Optional) This drink must be Consumed before accepting a resurrection

HotFooted – When you are the obvious cause of a wipe (Standing in the fire) Finish your Drink

Raid Leader – When you Loot a Green Item you become designated as the Raid Leader, Until someone else loots one, at which point they become the Raid Leader.

The Raid Leader has the following abilities

  • When they do an emote the raid has to copy it, the last to do so has 1 Drink
  • The ability to appoint someone else to take their punishments
  • If the Raid Leader loots another Green Item, the Whole Raid has 1 Drink


Now I’m well aware that Raiding is not everyone first choice for this game. So if your one of the group of players that gets more enjoyment out of slaughtering your fellow player, then there are the battlegrounds. Here are a selection of rules you can apply as needed.

Waving the Flag – When a Flag is captured by a member of your team, 1 Drink

A Place of your own – When you capture a Neutral Building/Tower, 1 Drink

Repossession – When you steal a Building/Tower from the Enemy, 1 Drink

StockPile – When your team captures 200 resources, 1 Drink

Nerf Needed – When you kill by someone with a powerup, 1 Drink

Collaborator – Flip all the rules to apply to when the Enemy team matches them

That’s all there is too it, overall I would classify these games as Moderate to Heavy drinking games – One last thing these are made better when everyone is on teamspeak/ventrillo and you can hear each other get wasted

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