Wish You Were Here: Red Orchestra II Beta

[singlepic id=59 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wish You Were Here is my version of photo-blogging for want of a better description, each month for the last year I have jumped into games that are in beta or newly released and taken a few screenshots. This is to help people get a view on what they are missing out on.

This one was taken back in September while Red Orchestra II was still in beta.

Originally published in Issue #42 of Thirteen1 Magazine

This months Wish You Were Here places us firmly back in the beta territory, though strangely not one I would normally be taking part in.

Surprisingly for me, I have been running and gunning with the Allies and Axis in the Red Orchestra II: Heroes of Stalingrad beta. Unsurprisingly for me, I died A LOT!

So instead of just twiddling my thumbs whenever I was waiting for a respawn, I got down to the task of taking some screen-shots. Apparently I’m much better at shooting pictures than other people – who would have thought?

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