The Talky Thingy: Will the next generation of consoles fail?

The next gen console will apparently double as nightlights
The next gen console will apparently double as nightlights

As part of the Drinky Talky Thingy podcast we have added a new feature, The Talky Thingy.

Each week we pick one of the interesting articles for the week and basically ask the opinions of the listeners. We do this because if they are listening to a gaming podcast they clearly are interested in the area, so why shouldn’t they get a soapbox too?

This weeks story is this one from IGN where an analyst has suggested that the next generation of consoles is likely to fail to live up to the expectations set by this generation.

He does indeed paint a bleak picture for the console gaming scene, but part of me says he might be right.

If this generation is more evolution that revolution, if the new consoles don’t bring anything shockingly brilliant to the table & if the price range is as high as its expected to be then I do not think people will be in all that much of a rush to upgrade. People will happily plod along with their current generation mopping up those last new games for it and clearing out that backlog of titles they never quite got round too.

However its not my opinion that matters in this instance, We want yours!

Do you think this guy is way off the mark or could there be something too what he says?
Have you already pinned your colours to the mast for the next generation or are you still waiting to see what each brings to the party?

Lets us know what you have to say and we will try and cover as many as we can in tonight’s show

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  1. The failure will come from publishers pushing the same crap year on year. Who really likes the gimmicky 3D? It’s technology for technologies sake, at the expense of quality (such as story, etc)

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