The end of the #Dailysong Podcast

*and now...the end is near...and we face...the final curtain*
*and now...the end is near...and we face...the final curtain*

Well I guess you all pretty much knew this already, but I felt that it needed to be stated properly.

Due to how long it has been since we had a chance to get together and record a #Dailysong podcast, we have decided that it will not return.

We have all been too busy to post #Dailysongs on a regular basis,  this meant we were relying more and more on other peoples choices.

As a result we were finding it harder to put a reason to each track, and that just broke the spirit of what it was meant to be about.

Feeling that it would be a bit of a cop out to not have an audio farewell, here is a quick clip of me explaining all this 🙂


But for those of you not wanting to listen to that, fear not! For just because the #Dailysong podcast is no more, does not mean you have heard the last of Myself, Gow & Craig.

We all enjoyed the podcasting far too much to stop, so for that reason we are going to start a new podcast.

This new podcast does not have a name just yet, however it does have a topic and its something that this time we all know about – Gaming! We will pick a bunch of gaming news articles from the week and talk them over while we have a beer, hopefully making it funny along the way.

Anyway, I wanted to keep this short but seems that hasn’t happened. All that remains is for me to thank the small but loyal group of listeners that stuck with us for the 10 episodes and to hope that you will all enjoy what is too come next.

Till next time!

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