The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Drinking Game

Warning: Could lead to delusions of being dragonborn
Warning: Could lead to delusions of being dragonborn

Now normally I shy away from making drinking games for single player purposes, but then Skyrim is not exactly your average single player game.

When you can play for 50+ hours and barely have scratched the surface, I think its fair to say that your not spending as much time gaming with your friends as you used to.

Obviously take this in moderation as some of the rules will get triggered quite a bit.


Bottoms up – Whenever you have to drink a potion, Take a Drink

Cheaters Never Prosper – When you take the easy way out and fast travel, Take a Drink

Enough already, we get it! – Whenever a guard mentions his god damn knee and a certain projectile weapon, Take a Drink

That’s my name don’t wear it out – Whenever someone says Dragonborn or Dovahkiin, Take a Drink

Group Drinking Game

If by some miracle you find yourself still in possession of actual friends, there is a simple drinking game the group can play.

Drink & The world drinks with you – Find yourself a Tavern and get yourself set up in there. You are now taking part in a drinking challenge with Any/All the NPC’s in there, Match them Drink for Drink

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