The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing Episode #5

The Last Cover that will be put together by Gow

Here it is Episode #5 of the Drinky Talky Thing, and one thing is for certain – We will not be recording another episode the day after a magazine launch.

With the lot of us worn out from the extra work we do getting an issue live, this tiredness has shone through – however in a unsual way makes it slightly more entertaining

Present as always were Paddy & Gow, Craig also managed to join us once again but unfortunately he had to leave at the half way mark when the tiredness got to him.

Also by now you would think we would have learnt how to use the technology, but no were still as slap dash as ever.

So without further stalling check out what happens when we combine tiredness, beer, microphones & some of the most interesting gaming news  – I think you will enjoy it


The Sponsor

The fine guys at Popcap who this week sent Paddy a review copy of Plants Vs Zombies XBLA, which has kept him more than happy ever since it arrived.

Gow Moves on From Thirteen1

After being with Thirteen1 since the beginning & having a big part to do with what made the magazine as successful as it is, Unfortunately he has managed to get a new job and this was his last Issue of Thirteen1. But fear not Gow will still be involved in the Drinky Talky Thing.

Ubisoft Playing it extermely safe

In an interview recently Ubisofts EU managing director said that they were cautious of starting any new IP’s untill the next generation of consoles, due to the extra marketing that is required to establish them

Were Getting Old

The 9th of this month was a memorable day in gaming, it was both the 11th anniversary of the release of the Dreamcast & the 15th anniversary of the release of the Playstation. &

Arkham City to feature multiplayer

Details have yet to emerge as to what kind of multiplayer it will be co-op or competitive but either way that is certainly good news to me

Some very early Screens from Arkham City

Seems some screens from Arkham City have leaked out and fuck me sideways with a baterang if they dont look awsome – here is hoping they are real

OpenFeint Create Multiplatform Multiplayer

Later this year openfeint will extend its casual games network features across to the android as well as the iOS – but not content with just the social functions they intend to make it possible to play multiplayer regardless of your phone (cookie note – angry birds now out on android)

Unreal engine goes portable

Epic publicly display thier upcoming iPhone game based on the Unreal Engine – Codenamed ‘Project Sword’ and as if to show off while we wait for them to finish it they allow us to download the tech demo ‘Epic Citadel’ which is awesome

Duke Nukem Forever

So the rumors were true and this game is bloody immortal, gearbox are going to finish it and there was even a playable demo at PAX

Portal 2 Co-op play shown

There was a public playthru of the upcoming portal 2 co-op mode and i have to say that it actually looks pretty damn good

Mafia II DLC cash in

Mafia II released a DLC update called Jimmy’s vendetta less than 2 weeks after the launch… can you say Ka’Ching?

Black Ops will have dedicated servers

Which shows Activision learnt their lesson from MW2, however perhaps not completely as the dedicated servers will be exclusive to a certain server provider

BioWare rumoured to be working on a new handheld title

BioWare QA lead Mitchell Fujino recently Updated his LinkedIn profile and set his current project as a ‘Unannounced Handheld Project’. As he was involved in their previous handheld offering Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, That could mean a new game in that series or possibly something else

Company of Heroes Designer sacrifices himself to save his pregnant wife

Brian Wood, a Lead designer at Relic Entertainment died yesterday (6th) in a car crash when an out of control drugged up driver plowed into his car. While tragic what takes the edge of the story is the fact that at the very last-minute realising what was about to happen, he slammed on and deliberately turned his car side on. This action while costing him his life resulted in his pregnant wife (due in november) surviving the crash. Thoughts go out to the family & friends <- The Memorial Trust Fund

What were personally playing ATM

Paddy: Plants Vs Zombies & XBLA Worms Reloaded
Gow: Global Agenda: SandStorm

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