The DrunkenGamers Drinky Talky Thing Episode #4

Yorkshire Puddings - The Ultimate Festival food

Well it may be late but it’s finally here, Episode 4 of the Drinky Talky Thing.

If you didn’t know that Gow, Myself & Craig were at Leeds Festival at the weekend when we would normally record this.

This time Craig (AKA TurkeySaladBoy) managed to join us for recording.

Things get a bit weirder with the extra person, but I’m sure you will all still enjoy it.

To make things a little more fun Gow did his random word thing again – and some of the suggestions were just impossible.

So without further padding, give it a listen


Here are some of the things we planned to talk about

The Sponsor
Clearly has to be The Yorkshire puddings at leeds festival – a festival food with no equal, with so many various uses and fillings that we had previously not imagined

Bill Roper on the move again
Our old friend bill roper has left his place as Chief Creative Officer at Cryptic studio – details at this stage are slim but he’s not having a good run on games since leaving blizzard

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3
Seems its time for the PS3 owners out there rejoice as the Mass Effect 2 will finally hit thier console

GT5 will include course creator, kart racing and RPG elements
There were a lot of things shown at gamescom for GT5, including in the case of GoKarts a feature that was actually slated for the next title (it was apparently leaked so they decided to bring it forward to GT5). The inclusion of a track creator was also shown off where the game can generate new tracks based on a set of variables and options the player set – these tracks will be shareable and playable online. RPG mode however will take you out of the driving seat and put you in the place of the team manager, controlling the car and even yelling orders at your AI driver from the sideline as the race progresses

Realtime Worlds Failure
Realtime worlds makers of APB – a very interesting MMO – has gone into administration, laying off almost all of its staff (activision sent a recruitment team to the area to offer a lot of them jobs) – Shortly afterwards a bunch of the devs started speaking out about why they think it failed

The Bible Online
Someone has seriously made a MMORTS that uses the Bible as its central lore

Team 17 go 100% independant
Doing away with traditional retail publishers Team 17 have set up thier own independant digital publishing group for thier own and other independants

The PAX nerd Orgy
Someone actually thought that it would be a good idea to put out an open invite on craigslist for a ‘nerd orgy’ shockingly most of the people asking for an invite were single males – and it may very well by this point have been canceled due to lack of females

Blizzard are going to discontinue support for old Mac’s
It seems that despite wanting thier flagship title WoW to be playable on as many machines as possible, its seems they, like Apple themselves, will stop supporting the older PowerPC macs – as of the next patch anyone with those macs will either have to upgrade or quit WoW

Mythbusters to look into the science of video games
apparently at this years comic-con Adam Savage of mythbuster fame confirmed that work was happening on a video game special, including myths such as if the Assasins Creed ‘leap of faith’ is possible or if a new driver can learn enough about a race track from a game to complete a real lap


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  1. Gow you usless git!!! This does not please me!!! Aint been on WoW in awhile Paddy, been waiting for Cataclysm release before gettin back into it. LK just got WAY to easy! So I honestly have no idea how this “Real ID” tick works tbh.

    • All RealID does is lets you talk to anyone who’s email you know. So for example if you added me as a RealID friend, and I was playing startcraft (or even WoW on a different server/faction) its possible to see the other online and chat – I’ll pass you my ID shortly

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