The Drinky Talky Thing Podcast, Episode #7

I've taken so many of these now I'm starting to rattle

Well here we are again – another Podcast where we have to apologise for the delay.

Despite the fact that we all live so close together, finding those moments where all of our schedules have a gap has proved difficult.

As if to prove that fact, this Podcast is missing Craig Albeck is missing, being that he was on his way back from a micro-payment convention in London.

What you will also notice is different in this episode is that I am considerably more drunk than normal. This is a result of the fact that I have been on painkillers for back problems, and this is the first time in 2 weeks I have had anything to drink.

On that note I’ll let you listen to Me & Gow, Try and stay on topic.

As a bit of a warning as this was another catchup episode, it is once again over 2hrs long, but this time it seems like it would be better not to split it.


Oh and if you make it through the whole two hours and happen to be ginger, I apologise in advance 🙂

This Episode is Sponsored by this Child’s Play Charity – which has started taking donations for this year. For more information or to get involved head over to the site

For links to any of the stories, they can be found after the jump.

TimeSplitters could make a return

Infinity blade the game that Epic are making for the iPhone

Apple apparently blew thier shot at owning bungie

Playstation Phone

Playstation Move ships 1 Million

Kinect IR DOTs in nightvision goggles

Kirbys Epic Yarn delayed in Europe

Tribes to make a return

Champions Online going free to play

Jack Emmert says subscription MMOs have to prepare to beat WoW

Steam passes 30 Million Accounts

Valve Killing the Game market apprently

Blitz Games Developer creates a game in 24hrs

Just for the sheer hell of the challenge Mike Bithell ( designed and created an excdingly simple yet addictive puzzlegame, Thomas was Alone where you help a block called thomas (and eventually his friends) get to the goal in each and overcome the challenges

EA buys Chillingo

for apparently $20million EA have bought Chillingo, publishers of angry birds – however in a nice twist they do not get Angry Birds. It seems that its massive success have led to a situation where Rovio (the developers) no longer need the publisher and the deal only included the first iPhone version.

Zynga Estimated to be wroth more than EA

Project Gotham Racing Reboot

Kinect Hacked

The Avenger controller add-on

The Superguide to return in DK returns

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 will come with all the DLC and an interactive comic

SSX possibly returning – new domains registered

Harmonix set lose by viacom

MGM Pulls Stargate License from Bankrupt Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment

GT5 actually getting released on the 24th November

Possible Diablo 3 on the Consoles

APB bought by Gamersfirst, to return as a free-to-play game next year

Undead Labs designer claims MMO’s barely games

British library wants to archive games

Bioware chip in on the Free-To-Play argument

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