The Drinky Talky Thing Podcast, Episode #6 – Part 1

Vikings of Thule
The free beer that we got from Vikings of Thule, Sponsors of Episode 6

Yay, after a long delay were finally back.

Yes I know its been a while since the last episode of the Podcast, but unfortunately we cannot stop people getting ill.

Between the three of us, every time we set a new date for recording one of us would be put out of commission by man-flu, epic scale hangovers or just sheer exhaustion.

However we finally got together again and in order to put us back on track we have recorded a double length episode.  As a result some of this stories may be a bit older and obviously the longer recording increases the alcohol content had an impact.

Because of how long it is, I have split it into two parts – So here is Part one for you to enjoy.


Part 2 is available Here when your ready to listen to the rest.

Now we also have Two official sponsors to give shouts out  – I’ll mention one in each post.

Sponsor #1

The cool guys at Gogogic ( who have released a facebook MMO called Vikings of Thule ( They sent us a new poster for the office, as well as some beers called ‘Viking’ & ‘Thule’ that we enjoyed during recording.

Well here are the notes for most of the topics we covered in part 1

The Teletubbies are evil!!

It is from teh Daily Fail so be sure to take this with a spoonful of salt – but apparently research shows that allowing your kids to watch TV before the age of 5 Is just as damaging to thier health as allowing them to play Violent Video Games. What makes that statement great is the article hinges on physical issues and at no point after the alarmist title are violent games mentioned again

Activision Join Change the Equation

Launched By President Obama, Activision Blizzard has joined a corporate initiative to help improve literacy in science, technology, engineering and math using games, they join Time Warner Cable, Sally Ride Science, Kodak, Intel and Xerox backing the initiative

Stan Lee & Activision Stand up against California Violent Game Law

California are still trying to push through laws regarding the sale of violent videogames that has already been denied twice, this time with the supreme court. However the number of groups that have filed on the side of gaming grew once again to officially include activision To further strengthen the defence Stan Lee tried to rally the gamers of america and offered his support with tales of similar cases with comics back in the day

Kotick Wants to sell ‘CutScene Movies’

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick said it’s likely his company will begin selling in-engine cutscenes as full movies in the near future. Sighting SC2 as an example with over an hour and a halfs worth of content, saying that he believes people would be willing to buy those scenes seperate from the game and compiled as a movie (and while im mainly against it I can see a positive side)

Ninja Theory Pitched an Enslaved movie made using Unreal Engine

During the early stages of development of Enslaved, Ninja Theory approached several large movie studios and pitched the idea of a Tie-in Movie. To keep costs down and because the team believed in the power of the Unreal Engine 3 – they wanted to make the whole thing, in real time using the engine. This confused the hollywood studios who would rather see it done for 60 million by the likes of pixar.

Devil May Cry to Be Rebooted

Despite being a loved series and doing rather well both commercially & critically well for quite some time, Capcom have decided it is time to reboot the series. Taking on the daunting task will be taken on by the guys at Ninja Theory who made Heavenly Sword and the Epic looking Enslaved – Heres hoping they do well

All Points Bulletin To shut down

Seems the attempts to save the company by putting it into administration did not work – Realtime worlds is closing its door completely and the servers will go offline after only 2 months

Epic rumoured to be interested in buying APB

According to a “source close to the development team at APB,” administrators at Realtime Worlds are looking to sell the APB intellectual property, and Epic Games is one company they’ve spoken with. However, while Epic spokesperson Dana Cowley expressed admiration for the project, she stopped short of confirming (or denying…) any discussions between Epic and Realtime Worlds.

LIMBO outsold all of the other Summer of Arcade games

Microsoft Games Studios VP Phil Spencer confirmed in an interview with Joystiq that despite being up against massively established franchises such as Tomb Raider & Castlevania, Limbo was the best selling game “By a Long stretch”

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 to hit arcades in 2011

At the Tokyo Games Show, Namco Bandai surprised everyone by finally announcing sequel to the awesome Tekken Tag. It will hit Arcades in Japan in Summer 2011, and while there are no dates for everywhere else in the world or its inevitable console port – this is only good news

Limited Edition Titanium Blue PS3 for GT5

While I normally dont mention these, the number of them has increased and I have to ask – Who the fuck keeps buying these things? Black, White, Silver, Pink – What the hell does the color matter?

No Super StreetFighter IV for PC

Capcom have offically announced that they have scrapped plans for a PC version of SSF4 – sighting the level of piracy of the first as the cause, they even went so far as to admit that due to the way they make it for the arcades the pc version was 99% complete already

Blizzard & Popcap combine forces to steal my soul

I love WoW, I love PvZ – so what do they go and do? Thats right they added a PvZ clone within WoW, seriously what little of my social life remains just went out the window

Inception the Game

After failing to get The Dark Knight turned into a game when Pandemic was shut down – It seems Nolan is still wants to make a game and has plans for that game to be based on the world of inception We are looking at doing is developing a videogame based on the world of the film, which has all kinds of ideas that you can’t fit into a feature film,” Nolan told his Rome audience. “That’s something we’ve been talking about and are looking at doing long term, in a couple of years” No cash in either it seems

Michael Jackson MMO

This is not a joke, The guys behind Project Entropia are making a Jacko based MMO an “immersive virtual space themed after iconic visuals drawn from Michael’s music, his life and the global issues that concerned him.” – will involve a charity stuff in its defence but is quite clearly a hell of a cash-in on the guys popularity

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