The Binding of Isaac Drinking Game

If you can understand what the hell was going through the mind of the creators, let me know!

Last week I put out an open offer for people to suggest games that I should look at to make a drinking game for.

Now I had several suggestions and I am still trying to work on ones for EVE & Hello Kitty Online Adventures – but here is the first of the suggestions I have managed to work one out for The Binding of Isaac

This incredibly fucked up little indie game, made by some of the team behind Super Meat Boy, is quite frankly torture in and of itself so why anyone would want to compound that by drinking as well is beyond me. However mine is not to question why I suppose.

Now for anyone that has not read one of these drinking games before, here is an important little fact. When I refer to ‘A Drink’ I am talking about a quick gulp of whatever beer takes your fancy. Personally that is Guinness, but you know what you can handle and I will leave it to your common sense beyond that.


The following two rules apply to the player only, upon triggering these two rules someone else needs to take over the controls

Death is only the beginning – When you die (and you will) and have to start again, Take 2 Drinks

A Slow Fall into Madness – When you drop down to the next floor, Take 2 Drinks

These rules are for everyone else in the room, when you see these things

The Nicest Friends – When Isaac stumbles into a boss fight, Take a Drink

Over Medicated – When Isaac pops a pill, Take a Drink

Power of the imagination – When Isaac finds a power-up, Take a Drink

Never Alone – When Isaac finishes a battle room, Take a Drink

All the best toys – When Isaac has to use an Item, Take a Drink

This game being as evil as it is, I class this as a Heavy drinking game.

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