Talking Point: Which Game in your backlog are you most looking forward to finally playing?

It is that time of the week again, when in to get warmed up ready for the podcast we ramble about a chosen topic. Before we got onto this weeks topic we did however have to handle the comments of the Listeners/Viewers of last weeks show – Which are the Best & Worst Pixar Films?

Seems we can’t get stuff right while drinking and once again have a mistake to admit too

  • The Dog in UP is called Dug, Kevin is the bird

Now that is are dealt with here is what everyone picked for their favourites

  • Aimie Rebeca Robson – Toy Story (Best)
  • Dan Allen – The Incredibles & Wallie (Best), A Bugs Life (Worst)
  • Michelle Chatterton – Toy Story Collection (Best)
  • Sharman Wiles Antz (Best, though not technically Pixar)
  • Alec-Ross Bower – Shrek (to bit a git )
  • Jo Fellows – Finding Nemo (Best)
  • Mike Lockwood – Cars & Ratatouille (Worst)

As always we then went on to have a good old fashion natter about this weeks topic which we decided would be Which Game in your backlog are you most looking forward to finally playing? For Gow it was Dishonoured, For Paddy it was SimCity.

What about you guys & gals though?

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite and suggest a possible question for the next Talking Point, please do as I seem bad at picking them myself. Everything is fair game, from politics to movies, music to games, hell we will even discuss our favourite womble if you so desire it.

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