Talking Point: What are your Game & Studio of the Year & What is your Most Anticipated Game?

It is that time of the week again, when in to get warmed up ready for the podcast we ramble about a chosen topic. Before we got onto this weeks topic we did however have to handle the comments of the Listeners/Viewers of last weeks show – What is your favourite 80’s/90’s Film?

All of the comments can be found at the links below.

As always we then went on to have a good old fashion natter about this weeks topic which was What are your Game & Studio of the Year & What is your Most Anticipated?

Because it seems that we went a little too broad with our Talking Point last week we have decided to pull it back in.

What Lead to this weeks topic is that fact that the Spike VGA Nominee list was released for this year. You can see that list of nominees at

We had a good old natter about all of the categories, and you are welcome to give us opinions on them as well, but our main concern is the big three.

What is the Game of the Year?
Who are the Studio of the Year?
What is your most Anticipated Game?

Let us know in the comments below which is your favourite and suggest a possible question for the next Talking Point, please do as I seem bad at picking them myself. Everything is fair game, from politics to movies, music to games, hell we will even discuss our favourite womble if you so wish it.

We are also both doing Movember this year, so consider

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