‘Splosion Man & Ms ‘Splosion Man Drinking Game

I wonder what the climax would by like if two 'splosion people got it on......and now you too can share in the strange mental image that thought produces

Earlier this month I got to enjoy the beta of the upcoming Ms ‘Splosion Man. This is the sequel to the incredible ‘Splosion Man that was released during the 2009 XBLA ‘Summer of Arcade’. This game is a staple of the team games nights, however we normally don’t start playing it till were already very drunk.

For that reason I never sat down and came up with a drinking game for it, but with a sequel coming I think it’s about time I fixed that.

As this game is playable in both solo & co-op it took me a little while to come up with a set of rules that would work for both, but after giving it some thought that’s exactly what I managed to do.

What is an added bonus is that since I first drafted this Ms ‘Splosion Man has been released and after giving it a trial I can confirm this game works just as well (if not better due to the world map)  for the sequel as well.


Start a new game, either solo or co-op, and play the game as normal. The core of the game is for the played to keep going for as long as they can without getting killed. Everyone else in the room should take a drink every 30seconds / 1minute.

To help with the timing I have created some sound-files that you can download and use

  • Sonic Ring: 30 Second Drink Timer (Download)
  • Mario Life: 60 Second Drink Timer (Download)

When the players reach the end of the file (each have a special sound for that) or the players die the control is passed to the person on the right. When playing co-op this will mean players get more of a break from drinking, but for that reason there is also the bonus rule.

Bonus Rule

Max ‘Splosion: While playing, upon death or the end of the sound-file – Take 2 Drinks

As always with any of my drinking games, what you drink I leave up to you – you all know what your own limits are. Personally we go with a drink meaning a solid gulp of beer, meaning that we get steadily drunk and can make a night of it.

Overall then I would classify this as one of my Heavy drinking games.


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