Sound Suggestions: I Am A Gameboy

Happy 24th Anniversary Gameboy!!

I have spent many, many happy hours with this particular game system. The batteries lasted about 8 hours and I can remember cannibalizing anything in the house that had AA’s. Needless to say, my parents were unhappy at how quickly the batteries in the remote died…

My crowning achievement was getting so upset over World Heroes 2 Jet (a ridiculously unfair fighter) that I used my forehead to smash the screen into blackened oblivion. Then proceeded to play it by sound only for several weeks thereafter.

….if sports are worthy of such reactions as rioting by fans then this action is justifiable as well. They’re both entertainment.

A high five to this old and worthy block of 90’s tech!

I Am A Gameboy by lilmario

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The Artists Newgrounds Profile: lilmario

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