Soul Calibur V Drinking Game

Seriously Guys, Boobs don't work that way!
Seriously Guys, Boobs don't work that way!

In the a different post I may have mentioned that certain types of games were easy to make drinking games for – Fighters are one of the easiest of them all.

The Soul Calibre franchise has always been a favourite of our team game nights. Mainly because none of us know the combos for at all, levelling the playing field as we all degenerate to pure button bashing. As always play winner stays on and pass the control to the left


Mr Stabby – Win the Round, Take a Drink

Pin Cushion – Lose the Round, Take 2 Drinks

High Calibur – Win a round with a perfect, Pick Someone else in the room to also take a drink

Where do you think your going? – Get beaten by being pushed out of the ring, Take an extra drink

Flawless Combo – Manage to make a full loop of every challenger in the room, pass the controller on while everyone else in the room takes 2 Drinks

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