Rocket League Drinking Game

Right Guys & Gals, I felt that it was time to reprise my old online personality properly and drag the DrunkenGamer back out of retirement for some new Drinking Games!!

It has obviously been a while so its worth the reminder that as with all my drinking games I leave the actual choice of drinks up to you. For me I count a drink as a large gulp of my beer as I like the games to last. You can drink whatever the hell it is you want.

Obviously it has the be Rocket League that kicks it back off, so lets get onto the rules.


During the Match

GOOOOOAAALLL!! – When your team concede a goal, Take a Drink!

CARADONA!! – When the goal was a Trick/Special shot, (Goal From Kickoff, Pool Shot, Reverse, Aerial, Hattrick), Keep drinking through the entire replay!

BANG! AND THE CAR IS GONE! – When you pull off a demolition, the destroyed player Takes a Drink. Optional Rule: The player only has to drink if the destroyer yells  ‘BANG! AND THE CAR IS GONE!’ before the icon for it fades from the corner.

Post-Match Refreshments

MAN OF THE MATCH: The Man of the Match can pick a player from the opposing team to have finish their Drink / Take a shot.

SAFE HANDS: The Player with the highest number of saves is immune from being chosen by the Man of the Match.

WATERBOY: The Player with the lowest Score has to finish their Drink / Take a shot. If playing local they are also tasked with grabbing fresh beers for the rest of the players.

Now games can be quite frantic, but I would only class this as a medium to heavy drinking game if you’re sticking with beer.

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