Portal 2 Drinking Game

God Damn It Gow!!!

Well for a little extra side-game, based on a student project and bundled with the highly anticipated second expansion to the epic Half Life 2, Portal did pretty well for itself don’t you think?

Now that it has gains a sequel of its own, its time it also gained a drinking game.

Thankfully Portal 2 also included a co-op mode, that is good news as solo drinking games are never as fun as multi-player ones. For that reason this drinking game is based on the co-op.

As always with my drinking games, when I refer to a ‘Drink’ I personally have a solid gulp of beer so that I can enjoy my gaming for longer, but you all know your own drinking limits so it’s up to you what you choose to drink.


Furthering Science – When your Bot is awarded Science Collaboration Points, Take a Drink

Failed Experiment – When your Partner is penalized Science Collaboration Points, Take a Drink

Those Parts Ain’t Free! – When you have to be Rebuilt due to failure, Take a Drink

Left Hanging – When you try to start a team gesture and it fails, Take a Drink

Robot Wars – When GLaDOS shows a preference for your Robot, Take a Drink

Publish the Results – When you complete a test chamber, Take a Drink

Because of how often GLaDOS will make these random comments I would class this as a Moderate to Heavy drinking game.

[Update]I found a Cool video of some people playing this game – it is well worth a watch as Phoe and Cereal are very funny drunks!

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