Lets Play MineCraft: The Quest for Ale #6

You Know when you have one of those days where nothing at all wants to go right? Yeah I had one of them while recording this episode.

Because I’m now in a bit of a Limbo state with the goal of Short Mead due to needing to work on my Bee breeding, I thought I would fix an earlier mistake and make a sorting system that actually worked – I mean what could be simpler right?


The First problem came when instead of taking a few minutes to move all my crap from the basement to the new storage area took HOURS rather that the minutes I had expected.

The Second when I actually forgot to record the building of the sorting system itself, I mean that was kind of the whole point of the video

So I apologise for the slight meltdown at the end of the video – sometimes you get to the point where all you want to do is walk away from the game.

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