Lets Play MineCraft: Oasis Survival #0.5

As there is a lot going on in the Quest for Ale that requires time and patience, that would quite frankly make for boring watching, I have decided to start up a second map.

For this one though I thought I would do a survival map, but as skyblocks is already rather popular on YouTube I wanted to try one of the others.

The first one that really caught my eye was one called Oasis Survival, in which you find yourself lost in an endless desert with only a clock and a small oasis to survive near. In the distance there are a series of temples to explore but they look like they will need you to be tooled up first.

This plan was all well and good, but it turns out that I was not in the right frame of mind to play this map last night. As a result I failed pretty much out of the gate, Dieing on the first night and losing several irreplaceable items in the process.

I have decided to start the map again – but felt this failure was amusing enough that I had to put it online anyway


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