I Want One of Those!: T-Virus, Minecraft Pickaxe and Plush Companion Cube

It may cause zombification, but I still want it!

It has been a while since I have done one of these, I have been kinda holding back till I found something interesting that I would want. Then this week I was having a chat with a friend who run a geek merchandise website known as The Geekest Link, He was telling me that he had a whole pile of new items going up for pre-order so I thought I would take a look at them.

I found a few things I would love to have in my collection and I am pretty sure I’m not alone.

The first is something that will be familiar to all fans of the Portal games, you may have thrown it into a fire and incinerated it at the command of that insane AI but thankfully that was not the end for the companion cube. It is now possible for you own your own adorable Plush version of your cube shaped friend to love and call your own.

It may only be a 6inch cube, but at only £15 its well worth a buy Portal Plush 6 Inch Companion Cube – The Geekest Link

The second thing I wanted to highlight is from a game that has made millions despite not having actually been released yet. That game is obviously Minecraft and as every minecraftian knowns the one thing you should never leave home without is your trusty Pickaxe. Well now its possible to bring its every useful blockyness out into the real world with a 1:1 scale (45cm long) solid foam replica.

Sure it wont be able to help you dig down find yourself a nice block of gold but it will stand out in your collection. Minecraft Foam Replica 1/1 Pickaxe 45 cm – The Geekest Link

Finally is the ultimate in Geek Merch. You have one of these on your shelves and other gamers are going to notice it (and if they don’t you are fully justified in evicting them from your premises) though they may also be somewhat justifiably terrified of it.

As pictured to the right, I am of course talking about the 1:1 scale (13cm long) replica’s of both the T-Virus and the Anti-Virus. These are officially licensed versions of the props from the films, made of aluminium and plexiglass and even contain internal LED’s to make the things glow in a perfectly ominous way.

With only 750 of these sets made they are really collectible, however that also means they are a bit pricey – setting you back £200 for the set. Resident Evil Replica 1/1 T-Virus & Anti-Virus Display – The Geekest Link

If you can’t reach out for that but you do still want some Resident Evil Merch, there is also a slightly cheaper option in a official replica of the Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S Police badge in a Leather matching wallet for close to£50 Resident Evil Replica 1/1 S.T.A.R.S. Badge & Leather Wallet Set – The Geekest Link

That’s it for now, there is a lot of other interesting stuff on the site but these are the ones that stood out to me.

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